The Woke Religion Part 2

Here's a second installment revealing how the social justice movement is an anti-Christian religion.  Please visit the Anthem Church YouTube channel (Anthem Church Live) to watch our all our videos. ANTHEM CHURCH LIVE

Response to Piper's "Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin"

On October 22, 2020 Pastor John Piper wrote an article on that I find extremely troubling. I recognize that it’s dangerous to disagree with Piper. After all, he is one of the most influential theologian-pastors in modern church history. Some hold him in such high esteem that they see him virtually as the 4 th   member of the Trinity or as the Protestant Pope (that's meant to be funny 😀). However, his argument in the article is flawed and misleading and it demands a response. For the sake of fairness and context, please read Piper's article first : Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin - Pondering the Implications of the 2020 Election ) Piper’s article serves little purpose other than to cause those planning to vote for Trump to alter their vote. His argument is that Trump’s character is so immoral that no Christian in good conscience should able to vote for him. Piper’s point is that the ungodly character of a nation’s leader leads the nation to destruction jus

The Woke Religion Part 1

Here's the first installment in a series of videos revealing how being "woke" is an anti-Christian religious movement. Please visit the Anthem Church YouTube channel (Anthem Church Live) to watch our all our videos. ANTHEM CHURCH LIVE

Children & The Lord's Supper

I always get questions about whether children should participate in the Lord's Supper. I offer the following with a spirit of humility in order to provide some guidance regarding the issue of children and the Lord's Supper. THEOLOGICAL ISSUES: The Lord's Supper is for believers ONLY : The Lord Jesus Christ gave this ordinance to His disciples. Parents must be as certain as possible that their child has genuinely accepted Christ as Lord and Savior before they allow them to partake of the bread and juice. Do they understand that Jesus Christ is God Himself? Do they understand that sin demands judgment? Do they understand that had Jesus not sacrificed Himself on the cross to pay for our sin that we would be consigned to hell for all eternity? Do they believe that Jesus died and was raised on the third day? Have they pledged to follow Jesus all the days of their life The Lord's Supper is a matter of obedience : The Lord Jesus Christ instructed His disciples to KEEP t

Unmasking Santa

Exactly who is Santa Claus? Few topics are as confrontational and divisive as attempting to "out" the true identity of Santa. Nothing has resulted in more wars, family feuds, or denominational splits than the attempt to unmask Santa Claus. The time has come for humanity to band together and usher in a new era of hope and peace. To do so we must honestly confront the single most important question before the human race: who is Santa Claus? Years of oral tradition have blended truthful accounts with that which is myth and fable. Add to that countless claymation specials and what we are left with is a plethora of nonsensical sentiments about who Santa Claus is. The purpose of this blog is not to ascertain exactly who Santa is. That is a riddle far greater than this blog post can address. But perhaps we can begin to shed light and start to alleviate some of the confusion. It is the writer's belief that clues have arisen that can help point us in the right direction. 1)

Ownership Attitude

It's Monday morning and you need to get to work. Here are your options : 1) bum a ride, 2) borrow a car, 3) rent a car, 3) lease a car, or 4) buy a car. With each of those options, you will have varying degrees of care and concern about the car. If you're bumming a ride, you don't care much about the car. You just hope it gets you to your job safely and on time. If you're borrowing, you care a little more about the car but only because you don't want to have to pay for any damages caused while you're using it. In that case, your concern is not about the car but yourself. If you rent a car, you care very little about the car because the rental insurance will cover damages. There's a little bit of personal skin in the game because you're paying for the rental and insurance but you don't personally care about the car itself. You know that your relationship with that car is going to be very short in duration. If you lease, you care about the car a li